Mixtum HD et Mixtum FR débarquent sur iPad et iPhone!

Version iPad


Version iPhone


Découvrez Mixtum, le jeu idéal pour jouer et entrainer votre cerveau. Vous devrez trouver les cinq mots cachés en moins de trois minutes et moins de 50 tentatives.

Ce jeu amusant va vous permettre de développer votre vocabulaire tout en aiguisant votre agilité mentale.

Le but du jeu : retrouver les 5 mots cachés dans la grille en intervertissant les lettres d’une même colonne.

Optimiser pour l iPad, Mixtum pour iPad vous permet également de vous mesurer aux autres joueurs via Game Center. Vous pourrez ainsi comparer en permanence et en temps réel vos performances avec celles de vos amis et autres joueurs.

Attention ! Mixtum est un jeu de lettre diaboliquement addictif !

Easy does it – New book offers tips and tricks for GameSalad app creator

The dirty little secret of programming for iOS? With the right tools, and a little bit of elbow grease, it’s not quite the impossible task you might think it is.
A newly published book, “Learn GameSalad for iOS,” gives would-be developers all the tips, tricks, and pointers they could possibly use to make the most of GameSalad, the highly regarded, premium game-creation tool for both Macs and PCs that’s designed for people “who don’t speak code.”
“I decided to write the book last October,” author David Guerineau said. “The reason was that I was very excited about GameSalad but also very frustrated by the lack of existing books on this subject. I spent hours learning GameSalad from forums and online tutorials, trying to learn as much as possible. So I’ve decided to share in a structured, all-in-one approach what I learned about GameSalad the hard way.”
Unlike Apple’s official development tools, called Xcode, which assume at least a degree of familiarity with the Objective-C programming language, GameSalad can be effectively used by complete programming novices. It has big, bright colors and a drag-and-drop interface encouraging users to think about game design rather than game programming.
“iOS development is quite complex when starting from scratch,” said Guerineau, a lifetime hobbyist programmer who works in Singapore as a managing director for Orange, the French telecommunications giant. “Objective-C is a powerful development language but quite complex to learn … I recommend beginners focus on game mechanics and use tools like GameSalad instead of spending enormous amount of time learning languages like Objective-C.”
The book gives readers step-by-step directions on how to create games that resemble all-time classics like Pong and modern favorites like Angry Birds. (There are also sections on how to create non-game apps.) There are also tips on how to successfully prep your app for publication to App Store as well as using iOS features like iAd and GameCenter.
“Though this book is designed for beginners, the truth is that anyone can benefit from using GameSalad, even experienced developers,” said Guerineau. “Using it will give readers a comprehensive approach to develop their first app.” Nicholas.Deleon@thedaily.com @nicholasadeleon



GameSalad debuts games and publishing arm Ice Cap Games

Today we are excited to announce the launch of two original titles, published by Ice Cap Games, in association with Kevin Smith’s SMarcade, and developed by Powerhouse Animation and GameSalad’s own internal development team, Game Team One. The games feature pop culture icons Jay & Silent Bob as they make their Apple App Store debut in Too Fat To Fly and Let Us Dance, available on iPhone and iPad.

These two titles, along with an updated Battle Legend Infinity, mark the debut of our publishing arm Ice Cap Games. We created Ice Cap as a way to promote premium mobile and web content, focusing on top tier quality games that benefit from our proprietary distribution technologies and expertise in designing, marketing, distributing and monetizing successful mobile and web games.

Ice Cap will source the majority of its titles from games built on GameSalad technology, and built by members of the GameSalad Community. High quality games are eligible to be published by Ice Cap, and any GameSalad developer is encouraged to submit great games for consideration.

Selected developers will receive exclusive access to custom enhancements still in development, including advanced analytics, cross-promotion technologies, back-end services, access to our native code engine, and other cool features.

In addition, games published by Ice Cap may also receive assistance from our internal game team to integrate sophisticated game mechanics and monetization features such as virtual goods and virtual currency storefronts to optimize the game’s performance and player engagement.

Do your games have what it takes to be a part of Ice Cap? Keep your eyes peeled for more detailed information in the coming weeks on how to submit your games for consideration.

iOS app development for non-programmers



Download a chapter from the book Learn GameSalad for iOS to get tips on creating an Angry Birds-like game.


Learn GameSalad for iOS: Game Development for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5 by David Guerineau and published by Apress features instructions on how to use the game creation tool even if you don’t have any programming experience. The how-to text covers setting up your game design environment, designing your game, submitting your game to the App Store, promoting your game, and more. Guerineau also educates you on how to create non-game apps usingGameSalad.

You can download the ebook version from the Apress site, orpurchase the print version via Amazon. For a sampling of what you can expect in the book, get Chapter 6: Learning Gravity, Basic Physics, and Camera Controls: An Angry Birds-like Game, Part I (PDF) from TechRepublic’s downloads directory.


GameSalad 0.9.94 Release Notes

GameSalad 0.9.94 Release Notes


PlayHaven: Interstitial ads removed from games published with Basic accounts. Interstitial ads remain as option for Professional developers.


  • Fixed an issue where Enable/Disable plug in a different project causes a refresh of the behavior list in another open project.
  • Fixed an issue where Preview & Viewer: Ad stubs are always displaying any time a scene is manipulated.
  • Fixed an issue where actor with “Control Camera” is within a paused scene, un-paused game no longer has camera control.
  • Fixed an issue where Game Center locks up game if Leaderboard or Achievements board are attempted to be viewed before GC Login.
  • Fixed an issue where Game Locks up when canceling out of GC login a few times and continues “lockout” after relaunching game.
  • Fixed an issue where equal and unequal can happen at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where user was unable to change tile width/height through behaviors.
  • Fixed an issue with GS Viewer where tile wrap images with resolution independence using improper scaling.
  • Fixed an issue where actors are initially created, tile width and height are not disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Images with different width and height are not properly updating when set to 0×0.
  • Fixed an issue where instance not changing to Prototype after change > undo made to instance.
  • Fixed an issue where the evaluation parameter in a rule does not update when chaning the type of variable to be evaluated.
  • Fixed an issue with Kiip where user creates an achievement after removing a number of them, creates a new one and the numbering stats where the User left off.
  • Fixed an issue where the title for a scene on iPad Landscape is half displayed in Preview Mode.
  • Fixed an issue regarding Lua exception when changing scenes using a large project.
  • Fixed an issue with Resolution Independence where published images are not consistent with viewer and do not reflect retina support.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a tiled or fixed-image actor will shrink the actor’s image to 3/4 its original size.

  • Fixed an issue where iOS 5.1 causes GameCenter to lockup.
  • Fixed an issue where IAP load wheel is not correctly placed.

GameSalad releases version 0.9.93

Writeable Tables: Tables now have rewrite, add/remove, copy, and save capabilities at game runtime.
Resolution Independence for iPad: GameSalad now supports images with dimensions up to 2048. RI mapping now works for iPad platform as well.


  • Corrected an issue with Numberconditions so that equal and unequal cannot be used at the same time.
  • Updated terminology (“Restitution” renamed to “Bounciness”).
  • Resolved an issue in which “Undo Delete” was incorrectly available after using the “Delete” key.


  • Corrected an issue with tile wrap images in which resolution independence was utilizing improper scaling


  • Playhaven: Introduced “More Games” behavior.
  • Playhaven: Removed startup interstitial from games published with Basic account.
  • Playhaven: Added random interstitial trigger for scene changes within game published with Basic account.
  • Playhaven: Added option to trigger interstitial ad at Scene transition. (Pro Users Only)



Facebook app store launches amid mobile revenue worries

Facebook has launched its own app store to promote mobile programs that operate using the social network.

The company said the App Center will become the “new, central place to find great apps like Draw Something” and other titles.

Developers will have the ability to charge a fee for apps sold in the store in the near future, Facebook said.

The announcement came as Facebook admitted growth in mobile use could hurt future advertising revenue.

Ahead of its initial public offering, Facebook told potential investors in a statement: “If users increasingly access Facebook mobile products as a substitute for access through personal computers, and if we are unable to successfully implement monetisation strategies for our mobile users, or if we incur excessive expenses in this effort, our financial performance and ability to grow revenue would be negatively affected.”

GameSalad 0.9.92


  • Game Center Achievements (Pro Feature Only)
  • Twitter Tweet Sheet (Pro Feature Only)



  • Published Icons will no longer wrap.
  • Actors will no longer get “stuck” or lag when activated with touch.
  • Sound Issues on most new devices (Kindle Fire exempted). Sound delays fixed on most new devices (excluding Kindle Fire)
  • Nook previously did not pause when in Nooks “home screen”. Implemented rule behavior to allow for hibernation targeted for Nooks.


  • Fixed iPad orientation and distortion issues with splash screens.
  • GameCenter leader boards will now properly rotate to current device orientation
  • Resolved compatibility issue with Xcode 4.3 that prevented users from code signing their published apps.


  • Close button is no longer visible prior to the ad appearing.
  • Updated Playhaven SDK to remove all usage of UDID on iOS devices.
  • Resolved several sync issues with Kiip services when syncing a new Kiip game.
  • Corrected issue with Kiip’s “Reload Info” button that caused it to become stuck.
  • Users are no longer able to create Kiip achievement names that are unreadable.
  • Corrected issue in which the plugin name for the Kiip leader board displayed as “Update Score”.
  • Kiip notification is now centered in inverted iPad Portrait orientation.
  • If user triggers two kiip notifications simultaneously on Viewer, stubs will stop displaying until Viewer is restarted.
  • No error message for mouse hover after internet service has been disconnected. User now receives mouse-over error message for Kiip if internet is disconnected.
  • Kiip rewards now, when triggered, properly pause device for both iOS and Android.

GameSalad Creator 0.9.89

GameSalad has uploaded on the 21st December a new version of the Creator. It is now version 0.9.89 and the main fixes are around android publishing.

Here are the fixes:

  • Game audio no longer continues playing when in a pause state (in calls, locked, in menu).
  • Game music continues playing correctly after game resumes operation.
  • Android publishing now prevents users from omitting display name by mistake.
  • Android publishing now prevents users from omitting version number by mistake.
  • Users can clear debug output in the Android troubleshooter.
  • Android publishing alerts users if they have not entered a package name.
  • Android now supports publishing projects with asset files that use non-basic Latin characters.
  • Android now supports the Keyboard behavior.
  • Android now supports the Open URL behavior.
  • Creator no longer crashes when loading large projects.
  • Creator no longer crashes when taking screenshots of large projects.

More info on the forum thread:



Air Plane Mega Quiz available now at the Apple Store

AirPlane Megaquiz is now available at the iPhone / iPad Apple store.



Are you sure you know about plane? Will you rank #1 among other quiz takers?
More than 100 aircraft to recognize, commercial and military.

Test your knowledge in identifying all of them.

You will access 2 quizzes:
- Baby quiz: to warm up
- Mega quiz: the real stuff

With a dynamic original audio background, good luck to beat the system!